Software Development

We are focused towards equipping our team with tool to accelerate and streamline Software Development through Automation and other features.

Let’s Speed up the Software Development Process
At Seatech Digital, we transform businesses with adaptable digital solutions that satisfy today’s needs and unbox many opportunities of tomorrow. We are focused on developing software that is reliable and scalable for all devices and operating systems. We bring together deep IT knowledge and latest technologies to deliver custom software solutions that fit everyone’s needs. We are aimed at serving best development, designing and delivering of our software solutions to mid and large enterprises.


Optimize Business Process:

Our custom software development helps to optimize your business processes rather than replacing them.


Emphasize your Business Acumen:

As you streamline your process flow and your working model, it emphasizes your commitment to your business.



Proper testing of your custom software ensures you have a reliable tool that helps you grow your business.



With custom software development, you have the power to decide which data-security technology is right for you and integrate it into your software.

Our Software Solutions are:


  • At our company, we create in-house CRM software to help our organization offer our customers a unique, seamless and great experience to build better relationships. It helps salespeople to optimize their daily schedules and prioritize tasks to make sure that customers and main members can be contacted on time.
  • It helps salespeople to spend more time with customers which ultimately gets more leads.

Ticket Management:

  • Our ticket management system, we manage tickets on our panel. From checking raised tickets to login and assigning them to the concerned executive, the process of ticket management goes on.
  • Through the dashboard, admin can see open, closed, not assigned tickets to manage it likewise.

Lead Management:

  • Our lead management software helps you drive more sales with our effective lead management software. An efficient lead management software helps us to generate leads, score and convert more leads, that follow-up to move the leads through the sales pipeline.
  • This software properly helps us understand which stages of the pipeline deals are actually in.

E-Commerce Management Tool:

  • It helps us to create websites very easily that sell products, manage inventory and process payments.
  • This software makes it easy to manage the inventory of online stores that also helps with calculating taxes and taking orders.